One of the best choices I made this year was going to Rock Sports & Spine Therapy! I had never been to a chiropractor before and was extremely skeptical, but I was experiencing chronic neck pain and was desperate for relief. Now, I am pain free and have full range of motion in my neck, better than I’ve had in 20+ years! Dr. Kennedy and his staff are professional, friendly, and truly care about their patients. I recommend them to anyone looking for quality chiropractic care.


After struggling with chronic back pain after an injury for nine years this place has finally given tools to recover and gain strength. Such a blessing. Great staff and guidance!


We are absolutely thrilled we found Dr. Kennedy and his staff at Rock Sports & Spine Therapy! They are extremely accommodating, friendly, and go above and beyond to help us. We always leave the clinic feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally. They have been a God-send for our very active family of four. Between gymnastics and Jujutsu, we desperately need body maintenance. I should also mention that they are not only a chiropractic office but a regenerative therapy clinic. I have had treatment on my knees and am already seeing amazing results!
Dr. Kennedy has great attention to detail and treats accordingly. He takes the time to explain everything, is patient, and never makes us feel rushed. He is pleasant to interact with and we all appreciate his knowledge. What is even more impressive is his treatment protocol from head to toe. We highly recommend Rock Sports & Spine Therapy. Give them a try and you’ll find out for yourself!


Everyone there is awesome. I wish I had found them sooner. The doctors are very informative and genuinely care. They have made great improvements to my physical health. I went from a pain level of 10+ to currently a 2 in a few short weeks. I improve with every visit. If you have chronic pain I sincerely suggest you make an appointment. You won’t regret it.


I came to Dr. Kennedy with terrible sciatic pains and I could hardly walk. I had tried physiotherapy before, but that did not solve the problem and for months I was in pain. Dr. Kennedy understood the issue, made a plan and fixed my pain during some sessions. He methodically corrected and aligned my entire back with his chiropractic expertise and he also gave me very useful stretching exercises. A few weeks later I could walk again without pain. It solved a huge mobility problem I had been living with for several years. He has a great team around him. Great service!


After dealing with pain and swelling in my knee for several months and a couple visits to an orthopedic, my wife convinced me to give rock sports a shot. Not only are they highly experienced and professional, but the whole staff is very personable. After almost completing therapy the swelling and pain on my knee is gone. They really solved the foundation of the problem rather than putting a bandaid on it. I am back to being able to resume my active lifestyle thanks to them.


I had an excellent experience here. I recommend going to see the team at Rock Sports. They worked together to come up with a plan that really helped my neck pain. There is such a nice and welcoming atmosphere in their office- you can tell everyone loves their jobs and are motivated to help people. I learnt a lot of helpful exercises and stretches to keep up my good posture and flexibility. The care I received at Rock Sports & Spine Therapy was top notch. Give them a call


This is an amazing program, they helped fix my herniated disc with chiropractor and physical therapy. I would highly recommend coming here for any issues anyone is having. You will get a personalized program and everything is well organized and on time! Loved my experience!


I could not be more happy with the results of my treatment! I’m also a student and these folks were more than flexible and patient with my schedule. 100/10 would recommend 🙂
Thank you, Rock Sports and Spine!


Great service all around, would recommend to anyone. Had horrible shoulder and back issues, also ribs out of place. The end of treatment I felt new and could do things I couldn’t do.


After struggling with severe elbow tendonitis and a host of other aches and pains, I found my way to Dr. Kennedy – he has been a positive source of healing and encouragement – It has been a long road, but Dr. Kennedy has utilized a variety of therapies to get me back to living a busy life and sleeping again without pain. After my positive experience at Rock Sports & Spine Therapy – I will be proactive about seeking out chiropractic care from Dr. Kennedy before my injuries worsen shall the need arise. Also, a shout out to the best front desk employee and patient educator – Kate – she keeps the office running smoothly with a smile and an extra dose of kindness to brighten everyone’s day! She is an invaluable resource and guide with the insurance maze as well!


When my two children were in high school and swimming both Varsity and Club, they both saw Dr. Kennedy. My daughter had shoulder issues; my son had back issues. An orthopedic doctor had recommended surgery and / or complete rest and a break from the sport. Dr. Kennedy was able to rehabilitate them and give them a lot of relief. Not only did they complete their high school careers, they went onto swim as NCAA Division II athletes through all four years of college.

I am not sure that would have been possible without Dr. Kennedy helping them recover from their injuries.

Years later, when I was experiencing symptoms of frozen shoulder, I started seeing Dr. Kennedy. Within weeks, I was achieving more range of motion in my shoulder.

I recommend Dr. Kennedy to every person, athlete or non- athlete, I know that is experiencing some sort of problem that can be solved with his chiropractic care. He is genius!


Dr. Kennedy was my third Chiropractor. Within 3 weeks, my back was like new and I was active again. Anytime I need to, I am back at his office to prevent injury.


Dr. Bart is very professional! He is easy to talk to and he always knows exactly how to fix whatever discomfort you’re feeling!


I started with Dr. Kennedy in January 2016 with headaches at the back of my head, along with occipital muscle discomfort. Headaches have diminished by 90% and muscle discomfort has improved! I continue my appointments with great results.


My back has improved a great deal after seeing Dr. Kennedy! Now l am able to get back to football as soon as possible.


I really like Dr. Kennedy’s approach to fixing my lower back issues. The mix of chiropractic and biomechanics has given me a lasting fix to my problem. As a Triathlete, it’s very important to me that everything is functioning just right, and thanks to Dr. Kennedy it is!


I had been having shoulder pain throughout my senior season of baseball. After months of physical therapy at multiple locations, I decided to try something else. Dr. Kennedy’s treatments were so effective! I saw immediate improvements and two weeks of work with him reversed months of damage on my shoulder.


I became a patient of Dr. Bart Kennedy after developing neck pain several years ago. I had been to other chiropractors, but found that Dr. Kennedy focused on the specific problem, and not a “generic plan” used for everyone. Dr. Kennedy diagnosed the problem right away and targeted his treatment to that problem. I have gone to him for lower back pain and a torn calf muscle with the same good results. Dr. Bart is excellent at diagnosing the problem and targeting the problem area until it is resolved. I highly recommend him.


Dr. Bart Kennedy is the best chiropractor I have received treatment from. He listens to your symptoms, asks questions, and explains what the problem is. My recent problem was a grabbing pain in my hip and had stretched, iced; everything I knew to do, and nothing seemed to help. It was time to pay Dr. Bart a visit. Dr. Bart listened and diagnosed the problem. It took several visits and several different treatments, but the end results were exactly what I hoped-no pain.


I was experiencing terrific back pain; it hurt to walk, I was having trouble sleeping, and nothing I did helped. Dr. Bart Kennedy came highly recommended by my parents, who are patients of his. He took me right away and found out I had several vertebrae out. I went in for 2 visits, came out completely out of pain and I have not had a problem since.


The first time I came to see Dr. Bart, I couldn’t walk upstairs. Within 2 visits, I regained so much mobility. I highly recommend Dr. Bart and sports chiropractic over traditional chiropractic.


Before I came in, I was in so much pain that I could not even walk to the mailbox. I had lost hope of even returning to a pain free and active future. Dr. Bart quickly assessed the problem and after he implemented his treatment plan, I can gladly say I am pain free and have been able to return to my normal exercise routine.


I highly recommend Dr. Bart Kennedy. His office is professional. He maintains good office hours and works with you to schedule appointments that work for the patient. He has been focused on issues with both my shoulder and back. His diagnosis is clear and his treatments have made a world of difference for me.


I’m finally able to run again! Thanks to Dr. Bart’s treatments over the last four months!


For years, I have been running with pain. After 1 visit, I no longer had hip pain and could sleep pain free! I continue to feel relief after each treatment.


I am a football kicker. My back used to hurt quite a bit, therefore I could not kick. When I kick, I am now pain free and I am able to hit 90 yard field goals!


Dr. Kennedy has helped me many times, and over the years, he’s been caring for my quirky back problems.


I have been going to Dr. Bart for years, and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. I am a dancer and he has helped me through count-less injuries. My family swears by him! Not to mention he’s hilarious and very caring…He attends all of my musicals! He’s THE best!!!


Dr. Bart Kennedy had been recommended to me before, but fortunately I never had to visit him in the past, until I slipped a disk in my lower back. For one weekend I could hardly move. I was able to make an appointment, and within 2 weeks, he managed to get rid of all the pain and I was able to move freely and resume all of my regular activities.


Since having treatments with Rock Sports, I’ve had less pain in my back and neck and generally feel better overall. I highly recommend Dr. Kennedy.

-Brian R.

After several years of back pain and several doctors later, Dr. Kennedy has made me feel like a new person. He finds the source of the pain and devises a plan to fix the problem. I recommend him to everyone I know.


The chiropractic adjustments performed by Dr. Kennedy were extremely effective in reducing the cervical pain and discomfort I have suffered with for years. I experienced minimal negative side effects and no serious complications. Dr. Kennedy was very conscientious and professional, and he helped me increase the range and quality of motion in the areas being treated.


For the past 10 years, I have suffered migraines. These migraines would occur several times a month, usually after running or exercising. I was convinced that I would always just have to live with these migraines until I friend recommended I see Dr. Kennedy.

I had my first appointment in July 2014 and began the treatment program there and then. This is now the end of June 2016, and to date I have only had one mild headache which, after treatment with Dr . Kennedy went away.

I also slipped 3 discs in my lower back in October 2014. I went to see Dr. Kennedy and he helped the pain enormously. Over the past 2 years I have slipped discs in my lower back a few times through exercising mostly. It has taken a while for my back to heal and for me to exercise again but my back does now feel strong and I am able to exercise.

I am so very grateful to Dr. Kennedy and his wonderful staff for their time and patience with me. I would gladly refer anyone having headaches or back problems and not getting relief, to Dr. Kennedy at Rock Sports & Spine Therapy. I am living proof that the treatment works. This has been a great success for me.


I highly recommend Dr. Kennedy. He was very helpful with my back issues, and went out of his way to research and discuss other medical issues not directly involved with my back issues.


I’ve had a very good experience each and every time I’ve visited Rock Sports & Spine Therapy. Very skilled and professional staff.


Excellent service with very flexible scheduling. Very personalized treatment.


I have been seeing Dr. Kennedy for soccer-related injuries and he has helped me recover quickly to get back on the field. He’s Fantastic!​


In just a few visits, Dr. Kennedy has helped resolve some issues that I was having with back pain. I highly recommend him!


I was having lower back pain and had begun to notice how much my posture had worsened over time. My back began arching for most of the day. After making an appointment at Rock Sports & Spine Therapy, Dr. Bart Kennedy determined the problem and its cause. From there, my back was adjusted and my muscles relieved of pain through weekly sessions. Dr. Kennedy also suggested specific exercises for me to do between appointments to enhance recovery. In only a couple of months, my back aches have diminished almost completely and have presented further back deteriorations dramatically. Thanks!


I highly recommend Dr. Kennedy. He is by far one of the best chiropractors I have visited. He not only cares about each of his clients, but is extremely knowledgeable. I came to Dr. Kennedy with sever lower back pain along with a bulged disc. He was able to effectively decrease the lower back pain to the point where I was able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle again. I am truly blessed to know Dr. Kennedy and his effective treatment programs.


I first started coming to Dr. Kennedy when I was a junior in high school. He was able to rehabilitate my shoulder so that I could continue competing on my Varsity Swim team as well as my club swim team.

Dr. Kennedy continued to help my shoulder and knees throughout my college years and swimming career. Through my appointments with him I was able to keep healthy and avoid reinjuring myself so that I could compete through all 4 years of college.

Most recently, Dr. Kennedy was able to provide relief in my hips, ribs and back as I carried my first born. As it turned out, my daughter was breech and pretty much remaining vertical in the womb which was causing her to press and kick my ribs and pelvic cavity. Dr. Kennedy assured me that getting regular adjustments during my pregnancy would assist with back pain and labor…. Which I can attest to is a true statement.


Very Knowledgeable Chiropractor!


As a strength and conditioning coach, I am always looking for quality medical practitioners for myself and also for my athletes. When my athletes or I are in need of chiropractic treatment, biomechanical analysis, or general injury care, I never hesitate to let Dr. Bart Kennedy address those needs.


I have been a patient of Dr. Kennedy’s for over 10 years. I first became a patient when I was having issues with my rotator cuff. Luckily I found someone who recognized the pain I was describing and worked with me to alleviate my pain. Dr. Kennedy’s philosophy of promoting health and well-being, as well as his knowledge of the neuromuscular skeletal system, was what gave me peace of mind that my health was in good hands. After over 10 years I can recommend him and his skills to anyone in need of chiropractic help.


My son suffered a herniated disk. After weeks of rest and months of physical therapy, he was better, but not healed. Dr. Bart Kennedy was instrumental in the healing process and with his treatments my son returned to the playing field! He’s even considering becoming a sports chiropractor.


It is without any hesitation that I recommend Dr. Bart Kennedy to anyone of any age seeking help or advice on dealing with pain. I have seen Dr. Bart on a regular basis for the last six years. I trust in his knowledge and ability to help his patients deal with a multitude of complex problems. He is a hands-on person never over relying on machines. He has helped me deal with chronic shoulder pain, knots and a once severe neck pain. By seeing him once a month, and following his whole body stretch plan, at home, I feel I can enjoy good health without needing MRI’s. He listens well to his patients’ problems and immediately establishes a plan of treatment.


I came in with weakness in my arm and I couldn’t lift weights or exercise the way I wanted to. Dr. Kennedy got me back into the gym and feeling normal again about 1 month later. I truly appreciate his help and recommend him to all of my friends. Thanks Doc!


I am so thankful that I was referred to Dr. Kennedy by another patient. I had been seeing another chiropractor for a few weeks, but he was unsuccessful in applying treatment and getting to the root cause. Dr. Kennedy was able to fully diagnose and care for immediate concerns with-in first treatment and begin a plan for long-term sustainability, treating root cause. Thank you Dr. Kennedy!


Dr. Bart is able to work with my schedule and always provides instant relief of pain. I have been a patient for over 5 years and he has been able to resolve all back and muscle problems.


I came to see Dr. Kennedy on my daughter’s recommendation. I was in pain throughout my lower back and numb on my left leg down to my toe. Dr. Bart made an assessment and started treatment. Within 24 hours the numbness was gone and as my treatment progressed, I was back to my old self again. Thanks Dr. Bart. Life is good without numbness and back pain.


I injured my lower back. Until I came to Dr. Kennedy, I was living with a lot of pain which he removed.


I have been a patient over 6 months and the doctor is so helpful and great with his treatment. I approached him about with back pain and with his treatment, and I don’t feel any now. He explained each and every step of treatment that is performed to me and asked me for any questions I had and treated me well.


I had a lower back injury and Dr. Kennedy was able to correct the problem. I am living pain free now.


For 3 years off and on, I spent time in treatment with a chiropractor and while I would receive treatment of my symptoms largely being headaches he was never able to fix the root cause. With-in my first treatment with Dr. Kennedy, my headaches were gone. I won’t be coming back because he’s treating the root cause. Thank you Dr. Kennedy.


Dr. Kennedy know his stuff. After 5 years of back pain and disk issues, he has been able to get me back to a normal routine and working out pain free in only a few months. His approach and professionalism is recommended.


My pain was so bad. I couldn’t even lay down in my bed and thanks to Dr. Bart, I was better in just 3 weeks.


After 1.5 years of “Traditional” treatment for my right Achilles tendinitis, (physiotherapy, steroid injection, etc.…) that didn’t help, I decided to try out Rock Sports & Spine Therapy that I saw at my gym! It took Dr. Kennedy a few months, but his “Alternative” treatment made me feel better overall and I am pain free without surgery!


I am an avid runner. A few years ago, my knees started bothering me. The orthopedic solution of surgery (a lateral release to ease the tight IT band), was not successful. I met with Dr. Kennedy and he worked on all of my muscle imbalances. With all his corrections, I have been able to continue running. I plan to continue running well into my 70’s (I am late 40 currently). I now see Dr. Kennedy regularly for preventative maintenance.


After visiting several chiropractors over the years, I was blown away how Dr. Bart Kennedy found my issue in my first visit. He fixed me after a series of treatments and have been great ever since. I highly recommend him for any skeletal or muscular issues.

-Kelly M.

I was referred to Dr. Bart with debilitating back pain in an effort to avoid/postpone surgery for a chronic structural condition that cannot be reversed or “treated” without surgery. I have modified my sports activities, but I am still active. Most important, I’ve resumed day to day activities of living! What was consistent and intense pain is now minimal and most days barely noticeable. Dr. Bart has assisted with teaching me stretches, strengthening exercises, and proper body mechanics to maintain the improvements we made. I feel like an active participant in my wellness/health. Where there was little hope of improvement, I’m now functioning beyond my expectations. Thank you 🙂


I have always had IT band problems. Within 10 sessions, stretched over a couple months, I was completely recovered. I’ve been coming to see Dr. Bart for 2 years now and continue on a maintenance plan. No one in the past has been able to relieve the problem. Thanks Dr. Bart!


After a major car accident, I had severe pain on my neck and lower back which radiated to other areas. I first went to a physician and only received pain meds which did not resolve the issue. So I decided to see a chiropractor and that’s when I met Dr. Kennedy. He was able to determine that disks in my neck and back had protruded. He was able to give me instant relief and re-align my spine until all was healed. I highly recommend Dr. Kennedy.


When I was in 8th grade, I was playing 4 sports and I hurt my back. After weeks going from doctor to doctor, I finally found Dr. Bart who was immediately able to diagnose me with a disc bulge in my back. With his expertise and incredible methods, Dr. Bart got me back on my feet in no time and just this past year, I had the most tackles for Stratford High School defense and became an All-District Linebacker.


I have been attending Dr. Bart Kennedy for about 4 years. This past October he discovered a lump in my upper arm muscle and referred me to my family doctor to have it investigated. It turned out to be a tumor in the radial nerve sheath and was surgically removed by a neuro surgeon at MD Anderson. This man is on top of things and I truly appreciate his conscientiousness. In addition, he has solved my back problems and I am pleased to say it is wonderful removing back pain by solving the problem and not just masking the issue with medicines. I look forward to my visits because of his medical expertise as well as his upbeat outlook on life. I would recommend Dr. Kennedy to anyone!


I started seeing Dr. Kennedy because of bad knee pain in both knees after 2 surgeries and incompetent Physical therapy. His treatments were instrumental in relieving my pain and helping the healing process. Also, Dr. Kennedy treated me when I was having serious neck pain. Again, his treatments reduced my pain tremendously. Dr. Kennedy is very knowledgeable and will try to find a solution and or course of treatment to reduce pain and allow healing.


I will never forget the day I limped into your office so humped over with severe pain in my back and hips I could hardly move, but, after your treatment, I walked out just fine with no pain. Thank heavens! My neighbors saw me earlier and said, “Dr. Kennedy can ‘fix’ you.” Surely enough you did!

Now at 80 years of age after my continued maintenance visits with you, and with Scoliosis since a child, I expected to be humped backed and bent over like my mother, sister and aunts. My back is stronger and straighter now than it was when I was in high school and I will proudly show everyone both x-rays to prove it.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to walk, exercise, and sleep without pain every night—- and most importantly I can comfortably wear high heels at this age! Thank you for your kindness and your outstanding professional knowledge.


I play football at Stratford High School and anytime I have an ache or pain, I schedule an appointment with Dr. Bart and I am instantly cured. Using his expertise, helps me on the field and keeps me injury free.


Working out and lifting heavy weights is my life. When I heard and felt my back during a deadlift, I was kind of bummed. It turned out to be a bulged disk. Dr. Kennedy did an awesome job at fixing it and my strength was back up in a few months.


Dr. Bart,

Thanks for keeping my chronic back pain to a minimum since I began seeing you. I have not had any spasms and in consent with physical training, have maintained back health. Your attention to my particular needs upon each visit keeps me feeling better and coming back to stay that way. Great Job!


I was in an auto-pedestrian accident several years ago which affected my lower lumbar and have had ongoing and reoccurring pain. It wasn’t until I started receiving treatment from Dr. Bart Kennedy where my pain subsided and is more manageable. He has always made himself available whenever my back starts giving me issues—even if it means treating me after hours—he’s always accommodating.

Dr. Kennedy gives great advice and has gentle, but firm hands that relieves any and all tensions and pain. I have been a patient of his for over a year and value his commitment to my personal well-being. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone suffering and in pain from muscular, vertebrae or other ailing elements. He is an outstanding doctor with an exceptional practice.


I am a fast pitch softball pitcher and played for Bellaire High School and now pitching at OSU. I have a full scholarship to Oklahoma State University and Dr. Kennedy has been great for my game. He has worked with keeping my muscles loose and has taught me the importance of keeping myself healthy. I first came to him with a forearm injury and now continue to come to him to keep my body in shape in preparation for college ball. He provides great care for me as a patient, but more importantly he shows a true interest in me as a competitive athlete. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without his support and treatment. I would highly recommend him to any athlete.

OSU Softball Pitcher

“Dr. Kennedy you are the only doc that has ever been able to help me with relief in my left leg and old neck injury. The tingling has disappeared from my left leg completely for the first time in 4 years. I am still able to do tri’s and 1/2 marathons and my cycling has never been better. I can’t wait until you get with MAC so I can get back to you again.”

Personal Trainer

I highly recomend Dr. Kennedy he makes me feel exceedingly comforatable during my visits. I had an hamstirng injury right before the NFL Pro-day. The treatment he used on my leg helped me recover in half the time. I was extremely impressed when he called to make sure that I was doing ok. As football players we all have aches and pains. He broke up mountains of tightness and soreness in my shoulders and legs. He is willing to answer any question. I have radically increased my strength, flexibility, and speed. My sleep has also drastically improved. Dr. Kennedys superior care really works for me.

NFL Proday Football Player- New Mexico Lobos

I had never suffered from any back problems in my life until one day about two years ago. The pain in my lower back began gradually at first, but soon became so severe it made simple everyday tasks near impossible. I was pratically bed ridden for a couple of weeks until someone close to me suggested paying a visit to Dr. Bart Kennedy. I was somewhat skeptical of the chiropractic field in general, you might say, but I was getting desperate. Dr. Kennedy turned out to be the answer to my prayers. He was able to diagnose me in the first few minutes of my initial visit and laid out a plan of treatment before I left his office that first day. The professionalism and care he showed me, as well as the effectiveness of his treatment, could not have been any greater. It has been nearly two months now and I have been completely free from pain since his treatment. I recomend him to everyone I meet because you cannot put a price on living a life free from pain. Thank you Dr. Kennedy!


Before visiting Dr. Kennedy, I had visited other Chiropractors on and off for years to sort out my lower back and right knee issues. These injuries all started while playing soccer at my University years ago. No one was able to tell me what was wrong with my knee. One chiropractor recomended me coming in for 6 months. Another doctor even suggested I consider having knee surgery to get it fixed. After one visit with Dr. Kennedy, my knee and low back feels great. I feel like new! It is amazing to go to somebody who knows what they are doing! Ever since, my knee has been like never before. I would recommend Dr. Kennedy to anyone who is looking for a well-trained, honest Sports Chiropractor.

– Denisse

Hi Dr. Kennedy

Molly came about 2 1/2 weeks early! She was born 2/8/10, 6 lbs 10 oz, 18.5 ” long. She is healthy and we’re both doing great. Thanks for keeping my neck and back pain free during my pregnancy!


Dr. Kennedy

I want to thank you for giving me my life back. You are my and my hero. The last two years I was struggling with back problems and things were getting worse. The past 7 months, tennis matches were rapidly becoming a chore. I had to win my matches in two sets because after that my back pain would be so intense that I could no longer play at the level I am used to. I tried two physical therapists: one made it worse; the other helped a little but only for two days and I would be in pain again. My life was becoming miserable because my sports mean a lot to me and there was no solution in sight.

Fortunately my friend, a personal trainer, recommended Doctor Kennedy. After my first visit I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Kennedy did a thorough evaluation, unlike any I had been given before, and designed a comprehensive treatment plan for my specific issues. I’m now nearing the end of my treatment and playing three long sets is no problem. I actually play two matches some days and only the heat gets to me. Because I now no longer have any pain, it feels like I have been given a brand-new and very enjoyable life. It’s an amazing feeling and I owe it to Dr. Kennedy and his exceptional dedication to his patients’ wellness.

Semi Pro Tennis Player

I am a fastpitch softball pitcher and played for Bellaire High School and now pitching at OSU. I have a full scholarship to Oklahoma State University. Dr. Kennedy has been great for my game. He has worked with keeping my muscles loose and has taught me the importance of keeping myself healthy. I first came to him with a forearm injury and now continue to come to him to keep my body in shape in preparation for college ball. He provides great care for me as a patient, but more importantly he shows a true interest in me as a competitive athlete. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without his support and treatment. I would highly recommend him to any athlete.


Dear, Dr. Kennedy

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your professionalism and expertise. As you well know I am 70 years old and have dealt with excruciating back and leg pain for the past year or so. I am so glad I found you, as after just a few treatments, I was able to finally walk with out pain.

You also were kind enough to show me the proper leg stretches to keep me in top shape and keep it from reoccurring.

Your knowledgeable and careful treatment has helped me a great deal, and I am very greatful.



It is with great pleasure and personal gratitude that I write this testimonial for Dr. Bart Kennedy. I was referred to Dr. Kennedy last fall, due to a problem with my right foot being turned out at an angle causing me to walk with a slight gait. I especially noticed the condition when I took up jogging which prompted me make an appointment.

I initially met with Dr. Kennedy who gave me an in-depth examination and explained the corrective plan to resolve the problem. I was immediately impressed that he was able to quickly identify the problem and come up with a corrective plan which I considered to be reasonable. I appreciated that he took the time to explain the problem to me in easy to understand terms as well as set my expectations by presenting in detail the corrective plan phases, associated time lines and cost.

It was recommended that I use orthodics, which has made a dramatic difference in how my feet feel while jogging or walking. Within a matter of just a few weeks I began to see a remarkable improvement in my condition. Throughout the course of my treatments I found Dr. Kennedy to be very methodical – I left each visit feeling that he took the time necessary to give me a very thorough series of adjustments. During each visit he took the time to explain the nature of the adjustments as well as identify progress made relative to the plan.

I highly recommend Dr. Kennedy to anybody with a sports or spine injury. My experience was very positive and I no longer walk with a gait problem. I was so satisfied with my results that I brought my son in to correct a problem with his right arm. My son is on the sophomore baseball team at Stratford High School and was experiencing severe fatigue in his throwing arm early in the game. Dr. Kennedy’s initial exam revealed that his arm was out of alignment and that he had only about 60% -80% total strength in his arm compared to his other arm. Within a matter of weeks my son noticed the improvement and has since fully recovered.

Dr. Kennedy is both a very talented and compassionate professional. His technique and knowledge of sports chiropractic medicine are of the highest quality. As a person, I found him to be of high character and a very compassionate person. He took the time to listen to me. He was flexible and worked with me to accommodate my schedule and in certain cases combined visits to minimize travel to his office. I highly recommend Dr. Kennedy and believe that my son and I have greatly benefited from his skills as a chiropractor. I would strongly recommend that you consider using his services.



My right shoulder had been frozen for 11 years. I was told by an expert with 35 years of experience that I would need a shoulder replacement. Dr, Kennedy got it moving in one session and got it working as well as the left shoulder in ten sessions. Thankyou Dr. Kennedy

– David

No more migraines
About seven years ago I started to get migraines. The frequency increased to every one or two weeks during the last four years and I started to use over the counter medication. Medication did not prevent the migraines and had side effects that were less than perfect. My wife recommended Dr. Bart Kennedy and since my first visit, the migraines have not come back! It’s a great experience; obviously not having the migraines is great, but not having to fear another migraine attack makes life a whole lot better. Thanks Dr. Bart

I sought Dr Bart Kennedy’s help with a damaged elbow after becoming frustrated other’s advice of ‘ice and rest’. I was immediately impressed by Bart’s determination to not only alleviate my symptoms but to also identify and address the underlying causes of my injury. Without his holistic and professional approach I fear my injury would simply have recurred. I know of nobody else in Houston like him and so would highly recommend him to anyone frustrated with a lingering sports injury